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From Monday, Armenia will pass from the presidential to the parliamentary form of government

Armen Sargsyan. Photo by RIA Novosti

On April 9, the fourth president of Armenia, Armen Sargsyan, will takeoffice at a meeting of the National Parliament. According to the decision adopted in 2015 to amend the Constitution, from that day the country completely passes to the parliamentary form of government.

At the referendum, it was decided that since 2018 the post of president in Armenia has become formal, the country is moving to a parliamentary form of government, and the Prime Minister becomes the real head of the country. His election is scheduled for 17 Apri

Since April 9, the entire government of Armenia will resign. As soon as the prime minister is elected, he will present candidacies for deputy and ministerial seats to the president. In the next 15 days, 2/3 of the new government should be formed.

The new president Armen Sargsyan was elected for the first time in the history of Armenia not by a national vote, but by a decision of the parliament deputies. His Republican Party, which has a majority in parliament, also has the right to nominate a prime minister in elections.

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