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As in the “Black Mirror”. How to lose points in the social rankings in China and what will happen for it

By 2020, China will fully earn a system of social rating, according to which all residents of the country will be awarded points or punish them by lifting for certain actions. In the pilot mode, the system has already earned for several million people, writes Business Insider . Her methodology is still a secret. But some misdeeds leading to a downgrade of the rating, and the corresponding consequences are already known.

Tickets for transportation

In March of this year, nine million people were prohibited from buying tickets for domestic flights. In addition, three million people received a ban to buy business-class tickets on trains. The reason for punishment can be a ticketless journey or smoking in a non-smoking area.

Internet slowdown

The mechanism of this punishment is not fully understood. Western media write that slowing the speed of access to the Internet can lead to delays in paying bills, extreme hobby for video games, wasting money on frivolous purchases on the net and thoughtless posting in social networks.

Restricting access to knowledge

Chinese citizens with low social ratings will be prohibited from enrolling their children in expensive private schools, wrote Wired . Whether this system already works is unknown.

However, last year 17 people could not enter universities in China because they evaded military service. In addition, they were forbidden to stay in good hotels in the resort areas.

And those people who, on the contrary, have accumulated a good social rating, are given unique bonuses. The BBC told about a resident of Beijing, who did not have to pay a cash deposit at the hotel because she had a good rating.

Public blacklist

People with low social ratings will be ashamed of the whole country and blacklisted. State companies will check with them before hiring someone to work. A Chinese lawyer who got on the list told Human Rights Watch that he could not buy a ticket for a working trip and buy a credit card.

Discounts for the right citizens

The Chinese with a high social rating not only advance higher on dating sites, but also receive a discount on accounts for “communal”, more attractive interest rates in banks, they do not require a deposit when renting a home.

Is it worth it to be afraid?

A 32-year-old entrepreneur from China, in an anonymous comment to Foreign Policy, said that the behavior of people in the last six months is only getting better: “When we go, now we always stop before pedestrian crossings. Do not stop – you will lose points. At first, we were just afraid of losing them, now it has become a habit. “

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