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African Mauritania has been left without the Internet for two days due to a break in the submarine cable

In Mauritania, almost 48 hours completely lost the Internet due to the breakage of the submarine cable. Another 10 countries experienced connection problems. The incident occurred in late March, but the publication The Verge drew attention to it only now.

According to Oracle, the malfunction occurred on March 30 off the coast of Mauritania and lasted until April 1, 2018. Due to cable breakage ACE, besides the Mauritanians, the residents of another ten countries were experiencing Internet problems.

A graph of the stability of the Internet connection in six countries in Africa, which are most closely associated with the ACE system. Photos of Oracle + Dyn

What caused the crash is not known exactly. As noted in the company, other affected countries had terrestrial cables and satellite connections that could cover the demand for the Internet, while Mauritania is highly dependent on the submarine cable. Therefore, the entire Internet has stopped working in the country.

The submarine cable ACE (African Coast to Europe, “From the coast of Africa to Europe”) runs from the west coast of Africa between France and South Africa and connects 22 countries. It extends for 17 thousand kilometers and has a capacity of 5 TB / sec. ACE is managed by a consortium of 19 telecom operators and administrators starting in 2012. During this time, there were no serious problems with the cable.

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