The Russian reseller launched the iPhone purchase program “by subscription”. In fact, this installment on unusual conditions

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The iPort chain of stores has launched the iPhone subscription program. For a fixed amount of 3 thousand rubles a month, buyers will be able to receive a new model of the smartphone from Apple every year without additional payment.

In the reseller could not give a comment and forwarded the questions to the supporting share of the bank “Home Credit”. Representatives of the bank told  that this is the first such program in Russia. In fact, it is an installment plan with the possibility of an annual exchange of the old device to a smartphone of a fresh model.

To participate in the action you need to arrange installments on the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, the flagship iPhone X by subscription can not be purchased. A month after the purchase you need to start making monthly payments and then a year later you can hand over the old iPhone and get a new one.

Representatives of the bank noted that the term of installments is 18 months, which means that buyers will receive new iPhones even before they pay for the old ones. If you want, you can cancel and receive a smartphone from the “subscription” in the usual installments. The mechanism for exchanging iPhones is a trade-in program: only for a new model customers do not have to pay extra.

“Subscription” on the iPhone is more profitable than a regular purchase in installments. At usual installments to the client it is necessary to pay all cost of the bought phone. And even the amount that he can then “help out” by selling the phone in an attempt to exchange it for another flagship. And still look for the former phone of the buyer and so on. What for? Customers under the “subscription” program have the opportunity to save an appreciable part of the cost of the phone, handing it back to the store six months ahead of the end date of payments. Thus, always use a fresh flagship with economy.

Alexey Gurov
Head of the Office of Joint Projects of the Home Credit Bank

Home Credit did not tell what kind of model customers would get if Apple, for example, removed the Plus version from the sale. The action started at the end of March and should end at the end of April, but it is likely to be extended, as it was with other installment programs in hardware stores.

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