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On YouTube, a series about the life of Sergei Druzhko started after a decline in popularity

On April 8, the first episode of “Druzhko Seriala” was published on YouTube channel Druzhko Show. The creators describe it as a “twelve-part comedy online series in semi-documentary style”, dedicated to the life of the once popular blogger Sergei Druzhko after the closing of his show.

In each series there will appear at least one famous blogger, and for each guest the authors of “Druzhko Seriala” came up with a non-existent strangeness. In the first episode, such a guest was Big Rasson Boss, for the image of which the creator of this character was allegedly hidden long ago.

The peculiarity of the series is that its creators also call the actions of the hero inside the show to be reflected in reality: for example, if he writes down the story, it will appear in the social networks of Druzhko, and if he gives an interview, it will be published in a real newspaper. In general, the concept of “Druzhko Serial” reminds the movie “I’m still here” and the series “Life is so short” and “Massovka”.

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