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Photo: The most beautiful banknote of 2017

The International Bank Note Society recognized as a “Banknote of the Year” -2017 bill of 10 Swiss francs. It depicts the clockwork and the hands of the conductor.

AFP photo
AFP photo

Among the selection criteria – design, artistic merits of banknotes and balance of used colors. It also takes into account its security against counterfeits.

The 10-franc note is part of the project for the first 20 years of updating the design of banknotes issued by the Central Bank of Switzerland. In 2017, the bank also issued a 20-franc banknote featuring a hand and a light refracting the prism, but the best, according to the jury, sample design took part in the competition.

According to the IBNS, in 2017, around the world, more than 170 new banknotes were issued, and almost a third of them had a design sufficiently updated to be eligible to participate in the competition. Among them – a Russian denominationworth two thousand rubles with images of the sights of the Far East.

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