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“Kaspersky”: attack on Cisco’s routers most hits the Internet

Kaspersky Lab announced that the attack on Cisco’s routers most affected the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. “Attackers overwrite the Cisco IOS image, and change the system configuration file, leaving it the message” Do not mess with our elections ” (” Do not interfere in our elections, “)”, –  writes

An unknown yet hacker group exploits a vulnerability in a program called Cisco Smart Install Client to be able to execute arbitrary code on the device. “Now there is a massive attack on the Cisco switches, which are used in the data centers almost everywhere, –  statedin the laboratory report. – As a result of the attack, entire data centers are inaccessible, which leads to the inaccessibility of many popular sites. The scale of the attack is not yet completely clear, but they can be very serious. Apparently, the attackers are mainly attacked by the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, although others obviously also got it. According to Cisco Talos, there are more than 168,000 devices in the world that are vulnerable to this vulnerability. “

Hackers scan the Internet with a bot that turns off all the routers they can access, Cisco released a patch to address this critical vulnerability, but not all have applied it. Because of the attack, several large providers suffered, in the evening on April 6, Twitter was not available for some time, sites of several large Russian media did not work.

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