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The Chinese authorities banned the sale of the Bible in online stores

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The Chinese government has banned the sale of the Bible in online stores, the newspaper The New York Times reported . According to the publication, the largest retailers have already stopped selling.

The newspaper linked the ban on the sale of the Bible with the deterioration of relations with the Vatican, which “historically opposed communism.” It is noted that the book is still available in church stores. In addition, comments on the Bible or its analysis are available on Taobao and Amazon .

 The atheistic party controls all religious movements. The newspaper South China Morning Post noted that the Christian bookstore in WeChat was removed on the night of April 5.

Representatives of two online stores told CNN that buyers can still buy books through private messages, but, for example, in Taobao, the Bible is no longer available in public catalogs.

The texts of other religions are still available online. For example, books on Taoism and Buddhism are available on JD , Taobao and Amazon . The Koran was also available online, including on Taobao . NYT noted that it has the Chinese equivalent of the international number of ISBN paper books.

From 2014 to 2016, in one of the Chinese provinces, more than 1,500 crosses were taken to churches. As noted by South China Morning Post, the Chinese Communist Party has repeatedly said that it will not allow “foreign forces” to influence the religious activities of the country.

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