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Roskomnadzor gave Telegram 15 days to transfer the keys to decrypt the correspondence

Roskomnadzor warned Telegram about a possible blockage in case the company does not perform the duties of the information dissemination organizer (ARI). Earlier, the Supreme Court recognized as legitimate the requirement of the FSB to transfer the encryption keys from the users’ correspondence.

According to the law , after the first warning Telegram has 15 days to resolve the violation. If the messenger does not provide encryption keys, then the agency will be able to apply to the court to begin blocking.

On March 20, the FSB lawyers at the trial with Telegram noted that the encryption keys do not fall under the law on the secrecy of correspondence. In the special services do not believe that to obtain the keys you need a court decision, as required by law in the case of reading messages. In response, the messenger’s lawyers said that encryption keys are information of limited access.

In October 2017, the court fined Telegram for 800 thousand rubles for refusing to hand over the keys to the FSB to decode the correspondence of users according to the “Yarovoy package”. Since June, the messenger has been included in the register of information dissemination organizers (ARI), therefore the authorities have the right to demand that the special services give keys to decipher messages.

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