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Pan Lien – a Chinese sailor who stayed 133 days in the open ocean on a life raft (3 photos)

An incredible example of steadfastness and steadfastness of spirit was demonstrated by the Chinese Pan Lien (Pun Lim) during the Second World War. The guy managed to hold out in the open ocean for 133 days, and then you will learn how he managed to survive.

In 1942, a 24-year-old boy served as the second steward on a British merchant ship, Ben Lomond. In November 1942, the ship left Cape Town and headed for the shores of South America, but on the third day of sailing it was sunk by a German U-172 submarine.

Pan Lien managed to put on a life jacket and jump over the bar, where he was not far from a life raft on which there was no one. The raft was equipped with a tent from the sun and had a supply of fresh water and food, which should have been sufficient until the arrival of assistance. However, the current carried away the raft away from the main navigable ways, and therefore the young man had to make every effort to adapt to the difficult conditions. He collected rainwater from the tent, with the help of improvised means, learned to catch fish and once even managed to catch a shark. To diversify his menu, he also caught seagulls. Several times ships passed by him, but for various reasons he was never rescued. Only on April 5, 1943 it was picked up by Brazilian fishermen who fished in the open sea.

The guy was taken to the hospital, but he was completely healthy. During his wandering around the ocean, he lost only 9 kg. About him began to write newspapers around the world, and the King of England George IV personally handed him the medal of the British Empire. After the war, Pan Lien moved to the United States, where he continued to work as a sailor and resigned in 1983 as chief steward. Until his death in 1991, he remained a favorite of journalists who reminded him that he had set a record of being in the open ocean, to which the sailor replied: “I hope that no one will ever have to beat this record.”

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