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On the inhabitant of Volgograd have got business for purchase of glasses with the camera on AliExpress

The Investigative Committee instituted criminal proceedings on illegal trafficking in special technical equipment (Article 138.1 of the Criminal Code) against the 48-year-old resident of Volgograd, who bought sunglasses with an integrated video camera on the Internet. This is reported on the site of the Southern Investigation Department of transport SC.

According to investigators, in August 2017 a man bought sunglasses with an integrated video camera on AliExpress. On March 1, 2018, he tried to sell these points for two thousand rubles. Under the guise of a buyer, a participant in the “control purchase” came to him, which was conducted by law enforcement agencies. The deal was conducted at the station.

The initiation of cases for illegal trafficking in special technical means is not uncommon. April 5 in the Perm region for 15 thousand rubles fined a60-year-old man who bought glasses with a camera. The case against him was also brought under Article 138.1 of the Criminal Code. Check  showed that the “glasses with the camera” can be freely found on sale in electronics stores.

The most famous case in this article was a case against a farmer from Zauralye who bought a GPS tracker on Ali-Express to track a cow that was constantly fighting off the herd. He was facing a fine of 200 thousand rubles a fine or four years of imprisonment.

In December 2017, RT journalist asked a question about the farmer at a big press conference of Vladimir Putin, calling the problem “very important”. The president said that he “does not even know that there is such an article”, but promised to get acquainted with it and “settle” the contradictions. In January, the UK returned to investigating the farmer’s case, and in March his case was dismissed .

A resident of Volgograd had the imprudence to buy glasses in a Chinese online store with a camera. It seems that many times it has been said that similar devices in the Russian Federation fall under special technical means. And their illegal turnover leads to a criminal case. But the Russian decided to re-sell these points for $ 34.

Under the pretext of interested in it came law enforcement. As a result of the “control purchase” against the man started a criminal case, now he faces a court. Sanctions can be very different: from a fine to forced labor and imprisonment. The degree of guilt and appropriate sanctions will be established by the court.

On the eve of the Perm region was fined 60-year-old man, who also bought glasses with a camera. But did not sell them. Such devices can be found in many electronics stores on the network,

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