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How to use Telegram after blocking, if I’m a humanist

In general, immediately to the point. At the moment there are only a few blocking mechanisms in nature: VPN, Proxy and Tor (well, all sorts of vinar-artisan methods of Mamma geniuses, without them).

VPN – encrypted channel, that is, about privacy.

Proxy is an unencrypted channel. Privacy here and does not smell, but can add to you a pinch of anonymity.

Tor combines approaches. Technically it is a complex network of proxy servers, but everything is encrypted. Tor is not a panacea if you are paranoid, so an add-on in the form of a VPN does not hurt.

Let’s go back to the Telegram. It completely encrypts all communication with servers, which is going to block the ILV. Therefore, the VPN in this case is overkill. Another encryption over encryption is not necessary. We have enough ordinary proxy, which in Telegram is configured in two clicks.

At the moment, the Telegram has three themes: TgVPN, Vee Security and @ socks5_bot.

TgVPN is primarily a VPN, but they have a proxy on a special link (in the bot itself it can not be found):

The creator of the service is Vladislav Zdolnikov, an IT consultant for Navalny and FBK. In my opinion, it is in the interests of these people that everything works steadily and without interruption.

Vee Security is a startup of Alexander Litreyev. On the wave of the HYIP, they launched their own proxy servers . It’s funny that the battle between Zdolnikov and Litreev has already flared up in their canals. I will not go into details, I’ll just quote.

Sasha Litreyev among specialized specialists is such a meme, because the dude has verified the sites , and then abruptly became a specialist in cybersecurity. Even I, with 13 years of experience in IT, I dare not call myself that.

Vladislav Zdolnikov
IT Consultant

@ socks5_bot is being developed by Artem Yanovsky (@ArtemYanovsky). As far as I understood the project did first “for myself”, as a hobby. Specifically, I have not heard anything about Artem, but in my opinion it is quite obvious that one person can not support a large fault-tolerant system without any financing, and donations are hardly enough to maintain servers. However, while this bot is an adequate alternative.

Also still has the option to raise his server , but this is already an advanced pc user level.

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