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How the Soviet schoolchildren fought (6 photos)

In the USSR, fighting in schools was common, although they were not particularly violent, and they were quickly forgotten. They could fight, like primary school students, as well as high school students. Next, it will be exactly how Soviet schoolchildren fought.

Usually, during the elementary school, everyone was very friendly and kind, the first fights started at the end of the primary school. The instigators of the fights usually became children from large or dysfunctional families.

Most often, conflicts erupted in the classroom, but were decided outside the school in front of many spectators. They fought usually until someone cried.

In the fifth grade, many began to go to different sections. The sections of boxing and wrestling enjoyed popularity since many boys wanted to learn to fight. Teachers noted that such children rarely fought at school, as they got rid of all their aggression in training. Fights could happen between students from parallel classes. Excellent students tried not to beat, it was impossible to beat and disassociate.

In the senior classes, fights were usually fought to an obvious victory. The order in the school was monitored by military men. If it became known to the teachers about the fights, they could call the parents or even the juvenile inspector.

In the late 70’s – early 80’s the guys began to massively use in fights kicks. The leg was tried to hit with a turn or in a jump, since not everyone could do it, then many returned to the kulaks. Unwritten laws became somewhat tougher and the winner could already hit the already lying opponent several times.

Outside the school, fights could occur between children from different households or districts, but the police together with the juvenile inspectors generally kept the situation under control.

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