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Former South Korean president sentenced to 24 years in prison for corruption

Pak Kun Hye. Getty Images

The South Korean court sentenced former President Pak Kun He to 24 years in prison, the Associated Press reported . She was accused of 18 episodes of corruption, including bribes, abuse of power and the disclosure of state secrets. Initially, state prosecutors requested a period of 30 years for her.

In 2016, Pak Kun Hye became a figurant of a scandalous corruption scandal: she was suspected of having links with the daughter of the leader of the religious cult “Church of Eternal Life” Tsoi Sun Sil. Taking advantage of the protection of her friend, Choi sought preferences for herself and her relatives. Later, she was sentenced to three years in prison.

In the summer of 2017, the vice-president of Samsung Li Zhe Yong was sentenced to five years in prison . According to the investigation, he was involved in the transfer of multibillion bribes to individuals associated with Pak Kun Hye. Another four years, received the former president of the company Chiang Chung Ki and the former head of corporate strategy, Choi Ji Sun.

In December 2016, South Korea’s parliament announced Pak Keng He’s impeachment, which in March 2017 was confirmed by the South Korean national court. Soon after, the former president was arrested to prevent the possible destruction of evidence.

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