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Because of the economy, people in Switzerland are ejecting garbage to France

According to the representatives of the customs of Franche-Comté (the French region bordering Switzerland), only last year they detained 140 Swiss people who were going to leave garbage bags in a neighboring country. They were fined 150 euros, after which some offenders decided to throw out the garbage in France, because they had already paid.

According to the French authorities, they managed to prevent the import of about 10 tons of garbage into the country. Despite this, many “garbage tourists” from Switzerland managed to escape from the attention of customs officers.

The reason was high prices for waste disposal. In some regions, garbage can be thrown out only in special bags approved by local authorities, in others, electronic urns are installed, which charge a fee for each kilogram of garbage. One-time garbage disposal costs the residents of the country about two Swiss francs


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