Architecture: Transparent houses – “bubbles”

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Photos Finn Lough

The Irish resort of Finn-Low offered its guests the opportunity to stay in dome houses combining the convenience of an expensive hotel and the compactness of the camping.

Seven domes are located at a sufficient distance from each other to provide privacy to the guests.

Photos Tyler Collins Photography

The author of the project wanted to achieve the effect of maximum immersion in the surrounding nature, so the rooms do not have TVs or Wi-Fi, but there are all the necessary furniture, coffee machines and free-standing baths with a shower head. In each “bubble” can stop two guests, and at their disposal will be a bed with a canopy and heated mattress.

Photos Tyler Collins Photography

Domes are equipped with a climate control system, thanks to which guests can fully control the temperature, pressure and humidity inside the “bubble”. The modular design of the domes allows them to be repaired without dismantling and quickly installed on virtually any terrain.

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