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9 TV series of March


“In the area”

On My Block, season 1

Starring: Diego Tinoko, Julian Lerma, Mei Apple Apple, Sierra Capri.

: Netflix .

Author: Anatoly Chikvin

Classic teenage series about all the charms and horrors of growing up. There are many such shows, and finding a format that would be of interest to a mass audience is not so simple. The authors have collected an explosive mixture: the actors are almost entirely Hispanics and blacks, the district is one of the most marginal, South Los Angeles. And so the issues of racial intolerance and street gangs are closely intertwined in this series with the problems of social deprivation, objectification and adolescent love.

The plot is decorated with numerous side lines, which are designed, rather, to defuse the tension constantly arising between the heroes. Grandmother, who sometimes likes to smoke something forbidden, the search for money allegedly lost in the robbery of the bank – all this allows a little rest from the eternal lawlessness in the district.


The Terror, season 1

Starring: Kiran Hinds, Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies.

: AMC.

Author: Evgeny Kuzmin

The series “Terror” is based on the book of writer Dan Simmons, telling the version of the real Arctic expedition of 1845, from which no one returned . In fact, no one knows exactly why the crews of the ships “Terror” and “Erebus” died – the ships were found already in the 21st century, and this find did not answer most of the questions. Someone pointed to possible diseases, someone – to cannibalism, and in the series a mysterious event became the foundation for a horror with elements of the other world. One of the producers of the series, by the way, is Ridley Scott.

So far only a couple of episodes of the first season have come out, but the story is already bad there. During the first hour, the explorers’ ships get stuck in the ice, and the original goal to find a way from the Atlantic to the Pacific is replaced by another – just to survive. The Showrunners managed to convey an atmosphere of eerie desperation, which with each episode manifests itself more and more.


Krypton, season 1

Starring: Cameron Caffe, Georgina Campbell, Elliot Cowen, Ann Ogbomo, Rasmus Hardyker.

: we do not know.

Author: Anatoly Chikvin

Show about the planet Krypton from the DC universe, the main character of which was the grandfather of the yet-born Superman – Seg El (Cameron Kaffe). The first series cause skepticism. In a relatively short time, the main villain manages to execute the grandfather of the protagonist and invite the protagonist to join the civil service. Shortly thereafter, right before his eyes, his parents are killed by Seg-El, and the same antagonist decides to extradite his daughter for him.

However, the creators of the absurd seem incomplete, and they send a person from the planet Earth from the future. He, in violation of all the laws of causality, not only tells Seg-Elu about Superman, but also hands over the cloak of the future superhero. However, such a presentation in the first series makes it clear that there is not much to expect from the series.


The Oath, 1 season

Starring: Sean Bean, Ryan Quantan, Corey Hardrikt, Katrina Luo

: we do not know.

Author: Damir Kamaletdinov

Police officer Tom Hammond (Sean Bean) lives a double life. He is simultaneously a police officer and the head of a criminal group consisting of security officials. At some point, the gang is covered by the FBI and the ringleader is sent to prison.

The “Oath” has an uncomplicated criminal plot and the same average performance. Sean Bean plays almost the same as in the series “Legends”, and during the viewing does not leave a sense of the secondary nature of what is happening. Nothing new authors show, but they are good at keeping suspense for all 10 episodes. Technically, the series is not bad in action scenes, but the dialogues are weak: the shaking camera is very annoying, which should have added the effect of presence, but in fact spoils the perception of the situation. Service Crackle offers to watch the “Oath” for free, it is not available due to regional restrictions that can not be circumvented even through VPN. It is possible that it is not worth it.

“Golden Horde”

1 season

Starring: Alexander Ustyugov, Ramil Sabitov, Yulia Peresild, Svetlana Kolpakova.

: The first channel.

Author: Anatoly Chikvin

16-serial love drama reports the most important in the first frames of each episode: the plot is a figment of fantasy and does not bear historical certainty. Only with this disclaimer, this series can be watched without exclaiming every five minutes: “How so!”

Events in the “Golden Horde” historically can be attributed to the last years of the reign of Alexander Nevsky. At about this time, Khan Berke was going to war with Persia and ordered the call of soldiers lands. The Grand Duke of Vladimir had to go then to the Horde for difficult negotiations.

The series as a whole looks underfunded – despite the artist’s good work in costumes, he visually sags because of the lack of scale scenes. The city of Vladimir looks like a village for ten yards, and in the biggest battle, hardly 50 people take part.


Sleeping 2

2 season

Starring: Igor Petrenko, Natalya Rogozhkina, Dmitry Ulyanov, Yury Belyaev, Alexander Rapoport, Igor Ugolnikov.

: The first channel.

Author: Nikita Likhachev

The first season of “Sleeping”, released in the fall of 2017, consisted of eight series. The second season is twice shorter and therefore it looks easy for two evenings of the weekend. With us again is conspiracy about Russian-US relations, the work of the FSB and international terrorism, but highly actualized – the case is not in the already distant 2012, but at the height of sanctions and the war in Syria.

Here the screenwriter Sergei Minaev denounces liberal bankers who have emigrated to the European Union pro-Western , internal conflicts and lies of American politicians – and only glimpses and frivolously concerns the problems of the authorities (“Because of you, we will travel to Turkey for visas”). A characteristic episode is the provocation of American-funded terrorists who killed a representative of the UN convoy and camouflaged the attack under the attack of the pro-government army.

The new season began to show on Channel One on March 5 at the annual meeting of the FSB board (at which Vladimir Putin spoke ) and two weeks before the election. It’s easy to guess how much the president is portrayed in the series as a monumental leader: he is simply called the Supreme.


Atlanta, season 2

Starring: Donald Glover, Brian Taiga Henry, Lakit Stanfield, Zazi Bits.

: FX.

Author: Nikolai Chumakov.

When I caught the first season of Atlanta, he had already received a Golden Globe for the best TV series and in he was much promoted in public at VKontakte. It turned out that not in vain: for the first time I had a comedy that combined both absurd jokes and a sane plot about the search for myself. In this regard, remember that perhaps “A man is looking for a woman”, which unfairly closed. It’s nice that in both cases the creators did not laugh in the background (hello, “The Big Bang Theory”) and the same stories in each series (good afternoon, “Clinic”).

The second season is not a new part about the life of Earl (it is played by the creator of the series Donald Glover), but simply additional series to the first pack. So far only five episodes have appeared, but they already have fleeting references to the first season, and the continuation of one of the plot lines, which broke off almost three years ago.

“Atlanta” for the second time can almost perfectly combine an eccentric show about rappers from the United States and a drama about the lives of ordinary people from the outskirts of almost any metropolis. Of the published series this principle is best conveyed by the fourth: in it the protagonist simultaneously solves problems in the relationship with the girl and finds herself on an unimaginable German holiday. As in the aforementioned “A man is looking for a woman”, “Atlanta” with the help of strange images conveys the problems of most people. It is excellent.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones, season 2

Starring: Kristen Ritter, Rachel Taylor, Ika Derville, Carrie-Anne Moss.

: Netflix.

Author: Evgeny Kuzmin

For me, Jessica Jones is the most interesting character in the serial part of the Marvel universe. Therefore the second season waited with caution: Netflix failed “Iron Fist” and “Advocates”, and in the first season the project lost a charismatic villain. But the showmans were interested in leaving the situation with the need to replace Killgrave: now this series is not about the fight of the hero with an anti-hero, but first of all about Jessica Jones herself.

The second season shows Jessica differently, previously known mainly for her love of alcohol. Here she almost does not use force, does not save anyone and rather resists the fact that someone considers her a heroine. Against this backdrop, secondary heroes are revealed, who obviously sat behind her and want more. With this, for example, is linked the line of journalist Trish Walker. “Jessica Jones” swings for a long time, but then goes to the level of the first season. And yes, there are no ninjas here.


Love, season 3

Starring: Gillian Jacobs, Paul Rast.

: Netflix.

Author: Sergey Star

For me, “Love” acts as an outlet for major projects and a moment of silence among the endless ghouls on TV. The authors of one of the simplest shows on Netflix explore the nature of romantic relationships between ordinary people who are under 30 years old. The only exotic thing is that Gus (Paul Rast) works in Hollywood as a teacher for children actors, and Mickey (Gillian Jacobs from the “Community”) works as a producer on radio stations. In “Love” it is easy to carry events on yourself, because in a meeting with a former woman at a wedding or a birthday party alone, nothing unusual.

For those who are too lazy to watch the first two seasons, before the third one there is a comprehensive two-minute preview. For 12 episodes of the third season, which can be managed in six hours, the characters almost do not fall on the same rake and grow significantly. Unlike other shows on a similar theme, where this level of charm does not even smell.

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