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Thousands of Google employees demanded that the company refuse to cooperate with the Pentagon

More than three thousand Google employees signed a letter with an appeal to the general director of the company Sundaru Pichai. In this letter, they demanded the termination of Google’s participation in the initiative of the US Department of Defense to develop video recognition systems for unmanned aerial vehicles.

The authors of the letter drew attention to the old motto of the “corporation of good” – “Do not be evil”. At the same time, in 2015, Alphabet corporation, which Google entered after reforming, replaced this slogan with the phrase “Do the right thing”.

April 3 Pichai spoke on the cooperation of Google with the military. He did not mention the letter of the company’s employees in his speech, but pointed out the validity of the concern about the use of machine learning technologies in combat drones. He called the discussion of such problems “extremely important and useful”.

Google employees from the outset resented cooperation with the Pentagon, which launched in March. At the same time, the employees of the company learned about starting the program from the internal Internet mailing list.

More than 3 thousand Google employees opposed the cooperation with the US military under the Project Maven program. It involves the development of algorithms for analyzing images obtained with the help of drones. Google engineers sent a letter to the head of the company Sundar Pichai to reconsider the degree of involvement of the corporation in the Pentagon project.

“Google should not be involved in business around the war,” the company’s employees say. The Google manual emphasizes that the project is not connected with the use of weapons against people, and technology will not be used to control drones, reports The Verge.

However, the engineers of the company such explanations are not enough. From their point of view, technology is being developed for the military, and it is possible that it will be used indirectly to carry out military tasks.

In the letter, we are asked to close Project Maven and adjust the activities of Google so that it can not be involved in such projects in the future. It is stressed that the involvement in such contracts can negatively affect the reputation of Google.

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