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“This incident somewhat bewildering”: Julia Skripal more than a week in consciousness and is on the mend

While Scotland Yard publishes her statement, “Russia 1” broadcasts her unconfirmed phone conversations.

Julia Skripal. Photos of Shutterstock

On April 5, the British police published a statement of the daughter of the former GRU officer Yulia Skripal, who, along with her father Sergei, was hospitalized due to poisoning with the substance “Novice”. On the same day, Russian TV showed a recording of a telephone conversation with Julia, from which it followed that her father had avoided irreparable damage to the body.

recalls that it became known about the situation with Julia Skripal recently.

For a long time, the state of the Violins was not officially reported

The violin is known as condemned in Russia for the state treason in favor of Great Britain. The former GRU officer in 2010 was given to this country, where he lived. Julia was born in 1984, spent her childhood in Malta and studied in Moscow. In 2004, when her father was arrested, she was 20. Soon after Sergei was released to Britain, his family was reunited.

March 4 in the English city of Salisbury poisoned Sergei and Julia Skripal. At the end of March, the British police stopped on the version that unknown people applied the nerve agent “Novice” to the door handle of the house of the Violins. This is not the only place where traces of matter were found. He was found, including in a pub and restaurant, who visited Skripali, but the version of poisoning there was later excluded.

For a long time, almost nothing was known about the condition of Julia and Sergei, except that it is consistently heavy. The British authorities and special services say that the “Newcomer” is more likely to be of Russian origin, but the chemical laboratory in the UK has not established this .

More than a week ago, Fiddler came to consciousness

On March 29, the National Health Service of Great Britain reported that Yulia Skripal’s condition had improved: she regained consciousness and quickly recovered. The BBC found out that on the same day, Skripal had already spoken.

At the same time, on March 29, the British authorities told the Russians about the state of Skripal. Judging by the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the information in general did not differ from that published in the media. Russian diplomats have demanded access to Julia as a Russian citizen, but this has not happened yet.

“Russia 1” broadcast a conversation Skripal, who can not confirm

On April 5, a live talk show of Olga Skabeeva and Yevgeniya Popova on “Russia 1” included an audio recording of Yulia Skripal’s allegedly telephone conversation with her cousin and niece Sergei Viktoria Skripal. The latter is in Russia.

The presenters confessed that they can not confirm the authenticity of the audio record , but “have the full journalistic right to broadcast it.” They said that the record of April 4 was handed to them by Victoria, but they are not acquainted with the circumstances of the conversation. Victoria Skripal confirmed to“Interfax” that she communicated with Julia.

If you believe the audio, Julia herself called Victoria from a temporary phone and said that she “all recover, all living.” Victoria promised to come to London on April 9, if she could get a visa. Earlier, the Russian embassy in Britain officially asked British diplomats in Moscow to issue Victoria Skripal a visa for a “private visit.”

When asked about the condition of Sergei Skripal, Julia allegedly told Victoria: “It’s okay. Now he is resting, sleeping, all normal health, none fatal things there “ . Also, Julia added that she would soon leave the hospital.

The air of “Russia 24”. Audio recording from 35:40

Scotland Yard published a statement by Skripal, which does not mention the state of her father

On April 5, the British police published on their website a statement by Julia Skripal. It follows from the letter that the daughter of the former Colonel GRU regained consciousness more than a week ago and feels better every day. She thanked the British doctors and separately – some Salisbury residents for helping her and her father. Their names Julia did not specify, as well as data on the state of Sergei.

I want to thank many people for their recovery and I especially want to mention the people of Salisbury who came to my aid while my father and I were unconscious. I also want to thank the employees of the Salisbury District Hospital for their care and professionalism.

I am sure that you understand that this incident is unsettling, and I hope that you will respect my personal life and the life of my family during the recovery period.

Julia Skripal
from the statement on the Scotland Yard website
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