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The Times: British intelligence services believe they could establish the place of production of the “Novice” in Russia

The intelligence services of the UK are sure that they discovered in Russia the place of production of the nerve agent “Novice”, who was poisoned by the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. This was reported by The Times newspaper with reference to sources in the special services.

According to the newspaper, the laboratory is in Russia, but it is not specified exactly where. One of the interlocutors of the publication said that it was possible to establish a probable source of production with the help of “scientific analysis and intelligence” a few days after the poisoning.

The source of the newspaper in the government claimed that the laboratory was known in advance. By the time of the meeting of the emergency government committee COBRA, that is, on the fourth day after the incident, the British intelligence service decided that the substance “with overwhelming confidence” was produced in Russia.

Sources do not say 100% confidence in finding the place of manufacture of the “Novice”, but stressed that the degree of their confidence is high. In their opinion, Russia could conduct test tests to check whether it is possible to use this poison for contract killings.

On April 4, the UK Foreign Office removed from its Twitter message a statement stating that the laboratory experts at Porton Down had established a connection between Novice and Russia. The Russian embassy paid attention to the disappearance of the tweet. Later, the British department explained that the message was deleted because its content did not correspond to the words of the United Kingdom Ambassador in Russia Laurie Bristow.

On April 3, experts from the British laboratory stressed that they did not find out the country of origin of the poison. The head suggested that the authorities made their conclusions about the origin of the “Novice”, based on other sources.

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