The difficult part of the crew of the tank M1 Abrams (12 photos)

The main battle tank of the US Army M1 Abrams has been in service since 1980, and disputes about the need to develop a new generation tank every year sound stronger. Many believe that M1 Abrams has a huge potential, and therefore the limit of its modernization has not yet been achieved. The strong sides of the tank are called his armor and weapons, but he also has some weaknesses. First of all, this is due to the difficulties that the crew must endure, and we will talk about them further.

So the tank looks in a cut.

The driver-mechanic controls the combat vehicle from the half-lodging position.

His place was so because of the desire of designers to minimize the frontal projection.

Not much space was given to the operator of a 120-millimeter cannon, which is manufactured under a German license.

The state part of the gun occupies a particularly large place and, therefore, one always has to look for a place for the left hand.

The commander was much more fortunate than the rest of the crew. He has an excellent view and plenty of space.

Its place is located before the ammunition in the aft part of the tank.


The artillery gun M268 is charged manually, and therefore the fourth member of the crew is the charging one.

Chargers in the US army are most often black guys. Their share is the most energy-intensive occupation, as they have to carry shells weighing from 8 to 22 kg.

And another American tank criticized for the fact that it does not have a water heater and for cooking the crew must leave the armored car.

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