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The Atlanta police found the body of a missing CKD officer who was studying Ebola and Zek viruses

Timothy Cunningham. Photo from the CDC website

In early April, police in the city of Atlanta (Georgia) found in the river the body of a drowned man. On 5 April, a spokesman for the Police Department, Carlos Campos , announced that Timothy Cunningham, a leading staff member of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), who died in February under strange circumstances , was deceased .

According to CNN, in the near future there will be a press conference, on which they will tell the details. Cunningham searched for several months, and the reward for information about him was 10 thousand dollars.

While working at the CDC, a 35-year-old American came to the points where the viruses of Zik and Ebola were raging. It is not known how closely he studied the diseases, but, according to NBC, Cunningham was an officer of epidemiological intelligence. It is in Atlanta’s laboratory that many dangerous viruses are stored.

The family of the deceased noted that he disappeared under strange circumstances: on the day of disappearance, the scientist talked strangely on the phone, and then left work early because of illness. Cunningham left a closed apartment with open windows, as well as a car, keys, telephone and all the money.

The disappearance of an employee of the CDC gave rise to many conspiracy theories. In social networks, they tried to link Cunningham’s disease and work with deadly viruses. Some users have come to the conclusion that “that’s exactly how it starts.” However, close scientists noted that he worked primarily in the office.

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