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Sports and diet helped 42-year-old mother of two children to find a dream figure ( photos)

Teacher Joan Peters of Melbourne, Australia, fell into depression after second birth, as she was completely unhappy with her body. The 36-year-old woman gained extra pounds, was not eating properly, and she did not have the time or the desire to fix it. However, meeting with an old friend, who had lost 10 kilos, changed Joan’s mind. She pulled itself together and set off on a diet. The secret of her diet is that she eats only for 8 hours a day. The first meal at her at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, and the last at 8 pm, the rest of the day Joan does not eat. To her diet, the mother of two children also added classes in the gym and to her 42 years she got the cubes of the press. Joan actively leads his page in the “Instagram”, on which 120 thousand people are signed, and by his own example shows, 

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