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Philippines Boracay island for half a year will be closed for tourists (4 photos)

The Philippine island of Boracay will be closed for half a year to visit tourists. This decision was taken by the President of the country Rodrigo Duterte, who threatened to do this even earlier. The island was seriously damaged by the actions of companies involved in tourism, which is the main source of income. Numerous hotels arranged on the island a lot of illegal landfills, and they dumped waste water directly into the sea.According to Douterte, Boracay “turned into a cesspool”. The island will be closed for tourists on April 26, after which they will check the legality of all buildings, repair the sewerage, take out the garbage and take other measures.Last year, Boracay visited about 2 million tourists, which helped earn local companies about $ 1 billion. The authorities promise to reimburse the losses of businessmen who will suffer serious losses within six months.The tropical island is popular among tourists for white sandy beaches and is considered one of the best places for recreation. 

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