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“Jay and Silent Bob” will return in virtual reality

Characters of the film “Jay and Silent Bob” will return to the new film, filmed in virtual reality. The director and screenwriter will again be Kevin Smith. This is reported byThe Verge.

The picture will be removed from the face of Silent Bob, and Jay will lead the story and lead the characters “through a series of idiotic adventures.” This is just one of the projects announced by the production company STX Entertainment, a VR series is also planned for the script writer John Wick, an action comedy with actor Dave Batista of the Galaxy Guards, the spin-off of the still unreleased 22nd Mile from the director Peter Byrg and not only.

All the pictures will come out in their own STX application, which will support several virtual reality helmets and will be available in the summer. The first project on the platform will be a series from the director of “Spy Kids” and “Sin City” by Robert Rodriguez with Michelle Rodriguez (“Fast and Furious”) in the lead role.

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