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Japanese mayor was ill on sumo. Employees were not allowed to help, because women are not allowed to enter the ring

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Mayzuru Mayor Ryozo Tatami (Ryozo Tatami) lost consciousness in a Sumo match. The match referee prevented the medical staff from assisting him, since women are forbidden to enter the “sacred” territory of the ring.

66-year-old Tatami became ill during the opening speech before the fight. He was promptly taken to the hospital, where he underwent surgery because of a subarachnoid hemorrhage in his brain. The official is in a stable condition, his representatives said.

However, at the very match Tatami tried to help several people at once, including his assistants and women doctors. The sumo referee several times asked them to leave the “sacred” place and turned to the guard with a demand to withdraw the women. When the mayor approached other doctors, the co-workers had to come down from the ring.

Doha is a ring ring in sumo, a sacred place that women are forbidden to enter, because, according to Japanese traditions, its purity is violated. They are also prohibited from participating in ceremonies and fights.

Chairman of the Sumo Japan Association apologized to women who were trying to help Tatami. He acknowledged that the emergency is not suitable for the referee’s remarks about the traditions. As noted by the edition of The Straits Times, the behavior of the judge caused widespread outrage of the Japanese in social networks and again raised the discussion of the gender issue in the country.

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