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IPhone builder will release Finney’s blockbuster smartphones

Foxconn will release the Finney smartphone company Sirin Labs. The device is “created from scratch” and will be oriented towards “crypto-enthusiasts”. We are talking about various specialized software, and, in particular, programs for managing crypto-currency wallets. It is expected that the smartphone shipments will start in October, its approximate price is about $ 1000.

According to the head of the company Sirin Labs, to date, more than 25 thousand pre-orders for the block-smartphone have been issued. According to forecasts, in 2018 about 100 thousand similar devices can be sold.
As Coindesk recalls , in December, Sirin Labs raised $ 157 million in ICO in addition to the $ 70 million raised earlier.

About the company Sirin Labs wrote back in 2016. Then it was called an Israeli start-up (now it is located in Switzerland). In the summer of that year, the company demonstrated in London a Solarin smartphone, which was positioned as being protected from virtually all types of cyber attacks. But it costs almost $ 14 thousand.

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