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In Iran, the wolf’s nipples were covered with the coat of arms of the football club “Roma”. According to legend, she feeds the founders of Rome

Photo from Telegram-channel Mehdi Rostampura

Iran’s state television has plastered the nipples of a she-wolf depicted on the coat of arms of the Italian football club Roma. This happened in the broadcast match of the quarter finals of the Champions League against the “Barcelona” (1: 4). The Iranian sports commentator Mehdi Rostampour published a photo with a censored part of the image .

According to legend, the she-wolf is feeding two infants – Romulus and Remus, who became the founders of Rome. Official representatives of the “Roma” did not comment.

For three thousand years, Rem and Romulus did not receive mother’s milk, but now Iranian state television has deprived them of wolf’s milk.

Mehdi Rostampur
Iranian sports commentator

As the BBC noted , twitter users ironically reacted to the actions of the television channel and suggested that, probably, “a wolf’s breast can excite someone.”

Logo of the club “Roma”. AFP photo
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