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In Australia, released an application that will allow witnesses to write testimony right after the crime

In Australia, the iWitnessed application was created to record the testimony of witnesses and victims of crime. It will help not forget the details of the incident. This is reported by the local newspaper Sydney Morning Herald.

iWitnessed created in the company IMSX together with lawyers, police and forensic experts. The appendix appeared after the study of Australian and British scientists, in which they came to the conclusion that important details of crimes and incidents are “erased” from the human brain in 24 hours. The application was developed so that witnesses of crimes could keep the details of the incident as quickly as possible.

According to scientist Richard Kemp (Richard Kemp), iWitnessed will provide the courts with “more accurate and high-quality testimonials.” Witnesses will be able to write information in the form of text, voice, and add photos, timestamps and geolocation. The application will ask users a few questions, and then offer an answer in an expanded format.

Indications of accidents, bullying, humiliations and other offenses can immediately be sent to the police. The app is available for iOS and Android users

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