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Canadian inventors collected at Kickstarter 100 thousand dollars for wooden eggs for meditation

Photos by The Thinking Egg

Orijin Design from Vancouver came up with the “Thinking Egg” – a wooden egg designed for meditation and comfort. They asked 10 thousand dollars for the production of an accessory, but they collected more than 100 thousand dollars from three thousand people.

Graduates of Quest University in Vancouver said that the “Egg for Thought” will help people who are tired because of constant worries and do not have time. “You take the egg wherever you are and rub it, blow it or hold it. When you need to be not distracted and pulled around because of the cases, “the project description says.

The authors created three types of “Eggs for Reflection”: from brass, wood and Hovlita. According to the idea, each material symbolizes one quality: stone – calmness, metal – restoration, wood – concentration. Also there will be eggs from the lava stone, on which the company asked for 75 thousand dollars.

As conceived in Orijin Design, an accessory made from natural materials helps people “find harmony”, fits in almost any pocket and is suitable for all kinds of exercises. The cost of one egg is 13 dollars

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