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“Black mirror”: the Polish version of the popular series from Netflix, shot by video bloggers

On January 19, the Polish Netflix released its version of the popular TV series “The Black Mirror.” He, like the original, talks about the impact of technology on society in the near future, but is filmed by video bloggers on the order of the service and is called the “Black Mirror” (Czarne Lusterko, the original translates as Czarne lustro). A new version of the popular show drew attention to the publication iD.

At the time of writing, the Polish Netflix released four series of 8 to 20 minutes in length. “Black mirror” can be viewed free of charge on the official YouTube channel Netflix Polska in Polish with English subtitles.

The creation of the series became possible, as Netflix owns the rights to the “Black Mirror” and therefore can produce individual works in its motives. Production of the Polish version of the series involved popular video bloggers. Project manager Jacek Ambrosiewicz selected among them those who created high-quality content.

Spin-off inherited many features of the original: for example, the dark endings of episodes, as well as technology and relationships as the center of the plot. In addition, in each series of “Black Mirror” also appears the song Irma Thomas “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is”.

All the released series are posted on the channels themselves bloggers. Over the series “Parting” (Rozstanie) worked travel blogger Krzysztof Goncharz (Krzysztof Gonciarz). The episode talks about how reality and fiction are blurred, when bloggers manipulate the audience to evoke emotions.

The author of the comedy sketches Martin Stankiewicz (Martin Stankiewicz) was the director of the series “The Sum of Happiness” (Suma Szczęscia), which criticizes the growing dependence on applications.

The authors of the scientific channel emce kwadrat shot the episode “69.90”, which tells about loneliness in the era of exciting computer games.

Studio, shooting satirical web series GF Darwin released a series of “1%” about an alternative reality, where people do not control their lives.

Bloggers have created different stories related to each other only a general idea. The authors of the series “69.90” noted that they tried to tell the theme of loneliness in the era of computer games, because it has not yet affected the main series. Krzysztof Goncharz told iD that he wanted to make the series “on the brink of cinema and video blog”, for this half of his episode he shot on the professional movie camera Arri Alexa Mini, and the rest on the classic choice of video loggers – Panasonic Lumix GH-5.

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