Belarusian athletes pull a 9-ton “Dakar” MAZ in the center of Minsk

Today Soligorsk Bear (Alexander Kurak) and Man-Mountain (Ruslan Bagirov) came to the State Flag Square. Strong people set a goal: to pull around the area 9-ton “Dakar” MAZ. No sooner said than done.

The action was held jointly with the Charity Fund for Children’s Aid “White Aist” within the framework of the international exhibition “Rest-2018” with the support of the Sports and Tourism Department of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

– The federation of power extreme and powerlifting is not the first time trying to support the trustees of the fund. On the territory of the exhibition there are boxes for collection of charitable means. All funds collected by the fund “White Stork” will send to help children from boarding schools, as well as to the children’s oncological center in Borovlyany, – the organizers told.

The sports truck MAZ was dragged for the first time only by muscular traction. The forces succeeded in shifting it from the first attempt.

– The most difficult was to break the truck from its place. We could be stymied by the slightest stone, even the size of a fingernail. After three meters, the car is already partially inertia. The difficulties were added by the fact that the sports car MAZ has a four-wheel drive. Even a 17-tonne one-drive bus is easier to pull, –  Ruslan Bagirov said after the performance. – In principle, everything went well. We were originally preparing for a 9-ton truck waiting for us.We know this weight well, we take it in tournaments.

Sports MAZs are one of the most powerful and beautiful rally cars in the world. A truck weighing about 9 tons is equipped with a Gyrtech G13 engine assembled by the Czech team Buggyra from Caterpillar units. The 12.5-liter engine delivers 930 “horses” with a torque of 4300 N · m.

MAZovsky sports car on 85% consists of serial components which are used at release of all other trucks MAZ. During the “Dakar” on the combat vehicles test technical solutions, which then are introduced in the conveyor production. Many parts of the sports car are made in Belarus. In particular, this concerns the MAZ series cab, the frame and the superstructure of the body, including the safety frame and panels. In Belarus, also create brackets, a cooling system for the engine and air supply, as well as many other components.

At the “Dakar-2018” the team “MAZ-SPORTvto” won silver. The crew under the leadership of Sergei Vyazovichtook second place in the overall standings of the race.

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