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“YouTube has infringed on me”: what is known about videooblereshe who fired at the headquarters of the company

According to the priority version, an American of Iranian origin, after complaining about “discrimination”, hated YouTube and wounded four people.

Attacked the YouTube office Nasir Agdam. Photos from her official site
Attacked the YouTube office Nasir Agdam. Photos from her official site

April 3 at the main campus of the YouTube company in the Californian city of San Bruno, there was shooting. Accordinto the police, at least four people were injured, making the attack Nasim Agdam committed suicide. The cause of the attack has not yet been officially named, but one of the most likely versions is the old dislike of a woman to YouTube.

The shooting in YouTube occurred in the middle of the working day

San Bruno is a small town about 14 kilometers south of San Francisco, home to about 43,000 people. YouTube is the largest employer in the city, many employees specially come here from San Francisco. The YouTube headquarters is located about 32 kilometers from the main Google campus that belongs to.

The first reports of shooting appeared around 12:46 local time (22:46 Moscow time). The police arrived at the scene two minutes later and saw how many people were running from the building.

The attack occurred at the height of the working day on YouTube. The woman opened fire in the courtyard of the headquarters. Employee of the company Vadim Lavrusik at about 1:00 pm wrote that he heard several shots and saw people running past his desk. He, like many of his colleagues, barricaded himself in the room. Soon after, Lavrusik’s account was hacked .

“At first I thought that people were running around the building for fun,” saidYouTube employee Michael Ho, who later realized that people were panicking. At the time of the incident, he talked to his wife on the phone.

As the atmosphere on the campus immediately became clear that this is not a training alarm, said project manager YouTube Todd Sherman. He said that at that time it was almost impossible to understand who organized the attack: “I saw an arrow in every counter.” When he ran out into the street, he saw policemen with rifles.

Police near the YouTube campus. Getty Images

As emphasized by The New York Times, in the offices of YouTube, the principle of “easy maintenance of security”: through the doors you can go through badges, in the main lobby there is a reception. Metal detectors or armed guards journalists did not notice.

According to the police, on the campus they found the suspect dead. They admitted that, most likely, a woman wounded three people and then shot herself.

The rescued YouTube staff walked out of the building with their hands up. The police carried out a complete evacuation to the nearest parking lot and, according to eyewitnesses, searched each person.

Evacuated YouTube employees go out of campus with their hands up

The victims who were taken to the hospital:

  • A man, 36 years old, in critical condition;
  • A woman, 32 years old, seriously injured;
  • A woman, 27 years of age, is in a satisfactory condition;
  • Man, age is not set, the only one who suffered not from shots – sprained ankle.

The exact cause of the attack has not yet been named

The suspect in the shooting was Nasir Agdam, she was 39 years old. She is an American of Iranian origin. The last known place of her residence is the Californian city of Menifi. In the conspirological sections of Reddit it is stated that Agdam was a transgender, but this information is not confirmed.

The police have not yet established the motive of the Agdam attack on the staff of the video hosting headquarters. Representatives of the authorities anonymously told the Associated Press that the reason for the tragedy was a domestic dispute. A source in law enforcement agencies told The Daily Beast that the woman also wounded her boyfriend. However, officially there is no confirmation that Agdam knew any of the victims.

According to Father Agdam, about two weeks before the attack, her daughter “in anger” told him that YouTube had censored her video and stopped paying. The daughter also informed him that she “hates” the company and for this reason is going to go to the main office.

In social networks appeared feyki about shooting

After the tragedy in YouTube on social networks , fake statements spread . Users, as it happens after each incident, gave out for the shooter of the comedian Sam Hyde. Also in the shooting falsely suspected videoblogera Matt Jarbo. When it became clear that the attacker was a woman, in social networks “found” on her head that covered her head.

The shooter led the channel on YouTube and talked about hatred of the rules of service

According to media and conversations among YouTube employees, the most popular version of the attack is Agdam’s long-standing hatred of video hosting and its rules. The woman led the site and the YouTube channel, which addressed the themes of bullying animals (for example, cows, bears and monkeys), advice for vegans and training.

Most often Agdam accused YouTube of discrimination. According to her version, YouTube deliberately tried not to let her have a large number of viewers. She complained that for 300 thousand views she received 10 cents (almost 6 rubles) from the company. Agdam noted that YouTube “does not have equal opportunities” for growth and monetization.

Screenshot Aghdam, where she accuses YouTube of deliberate channel filtering

According to the rules , YouTube can deliver a rating of “18+” due to vulgar expressions, violence, nudity or sexual content. Such videos do not fall under the affiliate program. Just in 2017, YouTube tightened control over unwanted content and from that moment abolished the partnership agreement with approximately 1000 channels.

Facebook Agdam with a poster on the “YouTube dictatorship” and suppressing the truth. BuzzFeed Screenshot

Agdam responded to the YouTube rules by comparing with the clips of Nicky Minaj and Miley Cyrus, where, in her opinion, there was much more unwanted content for children and there was no age limit. After the incident, the accounts of the female shooter in YouTube, Instagram and Facebook were closed.

Industry leaders and Trump support YouTube

From everyone at Apple, we send our sympathy and support to the team at YouTube and Google, especially the victims and their families.

Tim Cook, the head of Apple: “From everyone in Apple, we sympathize with the YouTube team and Google, especially the victims and their families”



Horrible and truly tragic day for YouTube and Google. We are wishing all our very best for the injured and all those affected.

Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon: “A horrible and truly tragic day for YouTube and Google. We wish the best to the injured and all those affected ”


On behalf of all of Microsoft, our hearts are with everyone at YouTube and Google today and all those affected.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO: “On behalf of all Microsoft, our hearts are with everyone on YouTube and Google”


dara khosrowshahi


On behalf of the team at @Uber, sending support to everyone @YouTube and @Google, and gratitude to the heroic first responders. Another tragedy that should push us again to

Dara Khosrovshahi, general director of Uber: “On behalf of the whole Uber team, we convey the words of support to everyone on YouTube and Google, and thanks to the first who heroically helped during the incident. This is another tragedy that should push us to the law on carrying weapons ”


Sundar Pichai


There are no words to describe the tragedy that occurred today. @SusanWojcicki & I are focused on supporting our employees & the @YouTube community through this difficult time together. Thank you to the police & first responders for their efforts, and to all for msgs of support.

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO: “There are no words to describe the tragedy that occurred today. We, the head of YouTube, Susan Vojicki, are focused on supporting our employees and the YouTube community to get through this difficult time together. Thanks to the police and the first one who helped at the scene. Thank you all for the words of support ”


From everyone at Instagram, we are deeply saddened by today’s events at @YouTube. We are sending our love to the YouTube family.

“On behalf of everyone in Instagram, we deeply regret what happened on YouTube. We send our love to the YouTube family »


All of us at Twitter are horrified by the shooting today at @YouTube HQ. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with our friends and colleagues in San Bruno.

“Everyone on Twitter is horrified by today’s shooting at YouTube headquarters. All our thoughts [about YouTube], the deepest sympathy for our friends and colleagues in San Bruno ”


We are heartbroken by today’s tragedy and send our love and strength to our friends at YouTube.

“We are dejected by today’s tragedy, send our love and transmit power to our friends on YouTube”



Was just briefed on the shooting at YouTube’s HQ in San Bruno, California. Our thoughts and prayers are with everybody involved. Thank you to our phenomenal Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders that are currently on the scene.

“I was just told about shooting at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno. Our thoughts and prayers with everyone who touched it. Thanks to our phenomenal police and the first who helped on the scene ”

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