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Videobloger Wylsacom showed how the “smart” column of “Yandex” will look

Photos @wylsacom

Videobloger Valentin Petukhov, known as Wylsacom, published the first image of the “smart” column of “Yandex.” Judging by it, the device will be called Yandex iO and look like Google Home or HomePod from Apple.

According to Petukhov, employees of “Yandex” are wearing these T-shirts in the office. As in “Yandex”, employees have the right to come up with their own versions of T-shirts, and official shirts can be found on the company’s website , where there is no option with a column. The press service refused to answer questions about the device and the timing of its release.

An employee of one IT company noted in a conversation with that on the Yandex column two high-frequency dynamics, a buffer and a microphone array are installed, as on Apple’s HomePod. Thanks to this, the device will have voice control at a distance and a stereo mode.

The development of the “smart” column from “Yandex” became known in July 2017. The media learned about the device’s voice control, and the company’s representative confirmed the name – Artificial Intelligence speaker. In October, “Yandex” launched a voice assistant “Alice”, and in March 2018 allowed developers to create their own teams for it.

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