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velcom wants to connect water and heat meters to the “Internet of things”

The velcom operator is ready to create in Minsk a pilot zone for accounting for water consumption, connecting to it from 30 to 40 houses. velcom will be able to play the role of an infrastructure supplier: it is a 2G / 3G network, an optical and fixed network, data center resources. At present, there is already an apartment building in Minsk, in which a similar system is used, we were told the company.

At the exhibition “Water and Heat” was demonstrated the decision of the company Asseco, through which annually expose about 100 million accounts in Poland, Germany, Liechtenstein and Austria. The system provides collection, verification, normalization and storage of information from meters. The data are checked and processed to base bills on them and analyze the consumption of resources by the population and enterprises.

In addition, velcom showed a data collection and accounting system built on the basis of NB-IoT network (the concept of “Internet of things”). Special concentrators are installed together with water and heat meters and allow to collect and transmit readings via the NB-IoT network. You can get actual data on the expense at any time.

The solution was developed by the resident of the High-Tech Park and the Belarusian manufacturer of energy meters. It is alleged that the Belarusian solution is 20-25% cheaper than imported analogs, it does not require maintenance and fully operates in an automatic mode.

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