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The NASA will pay the manufacturer of a supersonic aircraft a quarter of a billion dollars

The development, construction and testing of supersonic aircraft for NASA will Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company. This is reported on the website of the aerospace department. Under the contract, the aircraft manufacturer will receive $ 247.5 million.

The contract is valid until December 31, 2021. It is assumed that by this time Lockheed Martin will be able to build a prototype aircraft and conduct a series of flight tests. The main feature of the liner under the working name X-plane is low noise. Supersonic aircraft are distinguished by high volume, which causes discomfort to people on the ground.

It is planned that at an altitude of about 16 750 meters (55 thousand feet) at a speed of 1512 km / h (940 miles per hour), the noise will be at the level of 75 decibels. NASA says that we hear cotton at this volume when the car door is closed. The solutions used in the X-plane will be useful in the creation of new supersonic aircraft.

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