The minivan from “Cars for pumping” was put up for sale for 1400 dollars. And he again needs an upgrade

There are no monitors installed throughout the car, but there is a backlit floor and an audio system.

A resident of the city of Dayton (Massachusetts, USA) put up for sale the 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan minivan, which took part in the “Pump my Ride” program. The car with a mileage of more than 190 thousand kilometers can be purchased for only $ 1,400 .

The owner stressed that the car was standing in the garage for three years, but “worked well with the last use.” In addition, in some places the car paint peeling off and the plastic weather cloth was deformed. Also, all the accessories that were shown in the legendary transmission were removed before the delivery of the car owner.

However, in the minivan there are several details, installed by the team “Cars for pumping”: a stand with a built-in TV, a stereo music system, a floor with a backlight and a block for simulating the sound of exhaust. But now the car needs an additional “pumping”: the owner recommends changing the brakes, the alternator, the tensioning roller, the coolant pipe and the polyclip belt, and also check the airbag and buy a pair of tires.

The owner stressed that the first two pictures of the minivan were removed when he was “in his best condition.” He promises to send more relevant photos by e-mail.

In Russia, with the program “Wheelbarrow for pumping” associatedmemes with its leading – American rapper Xzibit and actor Ryan Friedlinhausom. The latter, for example, offer “to insert a monitor in the monitor, and in it another monitor” for a comfortable viewing of movies.

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