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The incredible story of the rescue of Peter Freichen (5 photos)

The Danish traveler and anthropologist Peter Freikhen is one of the most extraordinary personalities among researchers, and therefore he is remembered even now, 60 years after his death. In 20 years after the termination of medical school Фрейхен has gone to polar expeditions. He was interested in the life of local people, and even married an Inuit woman. His life is full of incredible stories, and with one of them we will introduce you further.

One day, Peter Freychen fell into a snow storm, he hid under his sleigh and soon his refuge turned into an ice grave.

Freihan knew that he did not need to wait for help and tried to pave the way himself, but without special tools it was not easy. From his own frozen excrement, he made a kind of chisel, which also paved his way to freedom.

Freichen reached his home and realized that due to frostbite he had gangrene of the left foot. Armed with improvised tools, he himself made an amputation.

This saved his life, but later the doctors had to cut off most of his leg, and so the rest of his life Freychen wore a prosthesis.

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