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The elderly billionaire lost his voice and at the sessions communicates via the iPad with the phrases “Yes”, “No” and “Let’s go to ***”

The 94-year-old American media tycoon includes audio tracks with phrases if necessary.

 Photo by Gregg Allen, REXIn the US, a deal is being prepared between two media holdings: CBS is negotiating the purchase of Viacom to unite in one company. The majority of the voting shares of both parties to the deal is owned by 94-year-old media tycoon Sumner Redstone, but several years ago, due to health problems, he almost lost the opportunity to speak.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a businessman communicates with his subordinates via the iPad in just a few phrases and grumbling. To help Redstone communicate his thoughts, staff recorded on his tablet a few voice fragments, which he could include if necessary. Proposals are made by Redstone himself.

According to journalists, the billionaire has the following key phrases: “Yes”, “No” and “Let’s go to *** [to hell)”.

The Wall Street Journal noted that subordinates Redstone has questions about his “mental state.” It is not known whether the media tycoon used the standard voice recording on the iPad or he installed a special application. It is also not known whether he used audio recordings during the negotiations on the merger of CBS and Viacom.

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