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The 22 most interesting and expected tv/movie that are coming out in April

5th of April

“Type my wife,” the start of the second season, Bravo

Maddy used to earn money by falling in love with you, and then devastating your accounts. In the first season, three of her victims combined to bring her to the surface. In the second, she will try to lead a law-abiding life, but, of course, the circumstances will again force her to take up the old. In a small role, Uma Thurman will appear again.

Thirst for death

Paul Kersey is a surgeon who is used to pulling people out of the world after criminal quarrels. But after his wife and daughter are victims of a street gang, and the police are idle, he takes the punishing sword of justice in his hands. Videos of inventive murders of criminals conquer the Internet-tops, and among the residents of the city there are rumors about the elusive national avenger who now owns the whole city. He avenges cheerfully, cheerfully and tastefully.

6 April

The film “6 balls”, Netflix

Cathy, along with the closest people, is preparing a surprise party for his boyfriend. Her joyful plans are crumbling because of her beloved brother Seth, who after heavy treatment again takes drugs. Having discovered him in a critical condition, Cathy helps him survive the agony and at the same time tries to protect his little daughter from the nightmare.

“City and city”, BBC2

When in the streets of Bieschel, somewhere on the outskirts of Europe, the corpse of a murdered woman is found, then the inspector Tyador Borlu from the detachment of especially dangerous crimes seems to be an ordinary routine. To conduct an investigation, Borla must move from the decaying Beschel to the energetically developing neighboring city of Ul-Kom. But this journey turns for the inspector not in a simple crossing of the border, but a real test. Together with Kussim Dhatt, a detective from Ula-Koma, Borla between two fires: nationalists intending to destroy the neighboring city, and unificationists who dream of turning the two cities into one. Detectives understand that disclosing this banal crime can cost them their lives …

7 April

The film “Paterno”, HBO, “Amediathek”

The film tells about Joe Paterno, who became the best football coach of the college team. But his career came to an end when the hero is involved in a scandal with sexual violence.

8 April

“Killing Eve,” BBC America

What could be needed from an ordinary security woman worker murdered by a powerful secret organization? Eva is married to a mathematics teacher, they live in a small cluttered apartment, in the evenings playing bridge at a local club, languishing in boredom at work, which clearly does not match her brilliant intellectual abilities. Villanel is a psychopath, a murder machine, a brilliant elite killer will not stop until he kills Eve. Watch online episode “Killing Eve” for a series of spy novels by Luke Jennings about a hired killer named Villanel. She was a student of a Russian university, sentenced to death, but rescued by a man named Constantine, who gave her a new life and a new name.

12th of April

Quiet place

The history of one family, which lives in a small secluded farm in a remote faraway country. The main characters have two children. It would seem that the lives of these people are not at all different from the lives of other such families. But the main characters live in a house that is filled with terrible monsters, reacting to any sound. Heroes have learned a whole complex of special gestures that help them communicate with each other without making a single sound. In addition, each family member must move very quietly throughout the house so that dangerous creatures do not notice them. However, the house where young children live can not be the quietest place on earth.


Primatologist Davis Okoyi prefers to stay away from people and is friends with George, an amazingly clever alpha male-gorilla, whom he brought up from birth. But the out-of-control genetic experiment turns an obedient monkey into a fierce monster. Moreover, it soon appears that there are other modified predators. While the newly created monsters turn the ruins of North America into a ruin, erasing everything that comes their way, Okoyi, together with the disgraced genetic engineer, tries to invent an antidote, breaking through the endless battlefield, not only to prevent a global catastrophe, but also to save a fearless creature , which was once his friend.

April 13th

“Bosch”, the start of the fourth season, Amazon

The main character is a 50-year-old man who lives in Los Angeles and works in the police department. Serious problems have ripened in his life. The wife of the criminal, whom the law-enforcement officer shot during the execution of the next operation, sued him for abuse of office. Harry is forced to attend meetings and prove his own innocence, which has a negative impact on the investigations available in the development. The top management insists that a valuable employee go on vacation until the investigation on his case ends. However, he does not want to listen to anyone’s advice and continues to work in the department. Meanwhile, human remains are found in the forest. It turns out that the bones belong to a teenager who was cruelly bullied.

“Lost in Space”, Netflix

In the middle of the 21st century, colonization of space becomes a reality, and the Robinson family is among those who have been tested, choosing for themselves a new life in a better world. But when the new colonists are off course on their way to their new home, they will join new alliances and work together to survive in a dangerous alien environment, light years from the original goal.

April 15th

“Be afraid of walking dead”, the start of the fourth season, AMC

In the course of the story, we will see the world of Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and her family through the eyes of Morgan Jones (Lenny James), who moved from the original series. Heroes, old and new, will meet with fresh discoveries and unprecedented threats, will fight for and against each other and give everything for survival in the brutal world of post-apocalypse. Light and darkness, good and evil, fear and love – meet the 4th season “Be afraid of walking dead”!

19 April

Monster’s Lair

Two guys, working as park keepers at an elite restaurant, successfully clean houses of wealthy visitors while they enjoy fine cuisine. But one day, breaking into a strange mansion, except for a luxurious booty, they discover a tortured prisoner. Trying to save the girl, they themselves all fall deeper into the trap of the cruel monster.

20 April

The film “Kodakhrom”, Netflix

In this drama, presented last year at the Toronto Film Festival, Ed Harris plays a renowned photojournalist and a pathetic asshole. Having discovered that he is dying of cancer, he decides to finally show four old films that are not taken in any laboratory in the world, except the one somewhere in Kansas. Take him there will be an assistant (Elizabeth Olsen) and an adult son (Jason Sudeikis), with whom he has long been in contact. And it is clear that this trip for three in a gig through America is not about any films, but about trying to finally establish lost relations.

“World of the Wild West”, the start of the second season, HBO, “Amediathek”

An amusement park for wealthy people is a grandiose project designed to satisfy absolutely any whim of its visitors. The atmosphere of the Wild West recreated to the details is not the only feature of this large and amazing place. The world is inhabited by androids, which can not be distinguished from a living person from flesh and blood. The guests of the park can do with them whatever they want – though, more often than not they want to kill and rape unfortunate robots. According to the guests, soulless androids can exist only within the given scenario.

April 24

“Hundred”, the start of the fifth season, The CW

Ninety-seven years have passed since the destruction of civilization as a result of a terrible atomic war. Hence the main events begin to unfold on the plot. In space (in the orbit of the planet Earth) is a spaceship of considerable size, on board which are those who survived after the incident. It was they who were able to survive and suffer an incredible cataclysm, arranged by mankind. From this ship, which is the last refuge of people, a space shuttle, packed with juvenile criminals in the number of one hundred people, is sent to Earth …

“Genius”, the start of the second season, National Geographic

The first season was dedicated to Albert Einstein, played by Geoffrey Rush. It was the turn of Pablo Picasso performed by Antonio Banderas. Artist in his young years played Alex Rich (“Glitter”). The authors promise to show both the creative path of Picasso, and his relationship with women and the powers that be.

25th of April

“Story maid”, the start of the second season, Hulu

The action of the new season will unfold separately from the novel Atwood. According to the executive producer of “The Story of a Servant” Warren Littlefield, the second season will tell how the Republic of Gilead appeared. Actress Elizabeth Moss said that the new series will be very gloomy: “darker than the first season, if possible.”

26 April

Breathe in the darkness

After a sudden earthquake, the fog that kills all life is enveloped by Paris. Few of the survivors get behind clean air on the roofs of buildings: without communication, water and food they are still hoping for help. Anna and Matthew will go to great lengths to save their daughter, but for this they will have to go down into the very thick of dangerous darkness.

Truth or Action

The usual game “Truth or Action” turns into a brutal race with death, when something supernatural is connected to the process. It is worthwhile for someone from the participants to lie or not to perform the required action, he is in for a brutal reprisal. Who will eventually be the winner in a fierce game?

“Quantico Base”, the start of the third season, ABC

Identifying among the group of graduates of the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, a hidden terrorist was not an easy task. To establish his identity, the US special services resort to various tricks, but so far all attempts are unsuccessful.

April 27th

The film “Week to …”, Netflix

A child’s wedding for any parent is a difficult period. Pre-wedding efforts and familiarity with new relatives, often do not do without misunderstandings and mutual insults. With each approaching day, nervousness increases, and nerves can pass at any time. The heroes of the movie “Week to” fathers, whose children should soon get married.

April 30

“Elementary”, the start of the sixth season, CBS

About Sherlock Holmes filmed a lot of movies and TV shows. This image was interpreted by dozens of directors in different ways. In different countries, the image of the detective and his assistant Watson was understood in different ways. But the time of classical productions about the brilliant detective has long passed, now the famous hero of the detective Conan Doyle appears either as a young handsome man with magnificent head of hair, or an eccentric young man who does not fit in at all with the traditional image of the experienced detective. And about the modern image of Watson and say nothing: now in the role of a doctor can act even a girl! But what to say, the beautiful Dr. Watson, whose role in this film was played by the charming Lucy Lew, looks great alongside the young Sherlock Holmes (Johnny Lee Miller). By the way, in our time more unsolved cases were in New York,
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