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“Terrible” month. Top 10 Cinema of April

Cinema April will be strange and even terrible. But not because we will not be brought new films, but because the good half of the prime minister suddenly turned out to be horror films. This holiday in the street lovers of ghosts, zombies, monsters and mysterious fogs! But there will be a couple of loud blockbusters. One of them is the replenishment of the good old French franchise “Taxi”, the other is a militant about the invasion of giant monster mutants (yes, again).

“Winchester. The house that built the ghosts “(April 5)

Director: Michael Spirig, Peter Spirig.

Cast: Helen Mirren, Sarah Snook, Jason Clark.

If you miss the movies with mysterious houses and ghosts living in them, it’s time to pay attention to “Winchester”. The story is all the more interesting, partly based on real events, and the mansion, which is in the cinema, really exists and today serves as an attraction for tourists.

Sarah Winchester inherited not only the world-famous weapons company, but also a giant house. After visiting the medium, Madame decided that all her family was cursed. This means that the ghosts of all those killed by the Winchester guns will one day take and ruin the lady along with her entire family. To prevent this from happening, Sarah lowered her entire fortune to an endless reorganization of the mansion. As a result, leading doors appeared in it, resting on the ceiling of the staircase and entire labyrinths. All in order to confuse unhappy ghosts.

The story is good, but, judging by the estimates of foreign viewers, the authors of the tape turned it into a standard horror film with a set of screamers. Oh, and after all, you could explore the psychological state of Sarah Winchester and tell about the house itself, without going down to horror stories with ghosts. But what is – that is: the average score on Metacritic is a paltry 28 out of 100.

“Gogol. Viy “(since April 5)

Director: Egor Baranov.

Cast: Alexander Petrov, Oleg Menshikov, Evgeny Stychkin.

In Russia they continue to actively create their own movie, where there was a place for Old Russian comic books, epic superheroes, fairy-tale characters, and even a real writer. No luck to Nicholas Vasilyevich Gogol – it is his name that has to be puffed up for the desire of Russian cinema to poke and at the same time to earn.

“Viy” is the second part of the trilogy, united by the central figure in the person of the famous writer. The investigation of the murders of girls in the village of Dikanka continues. But this time the witch Ulyana and the maestro Viy himself will prevent the brave kids from being involved. It is good though that an exorcist, a theologian and just a master of martial arts, Homa Brut, undertake to help fight evil spirits.

Well, probably, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Lermontov, Dostoevsky and Chekhov will soon be at war with evil spirits. However, the efforts of Russian cinematographers and so look weird. We are sure that we will not be able to outdo the old, kind and terrible “Viy” half a century ago, even with modern special effects.

“Mary Magdalene” (since April 5)

Directed by: Garth Davies.

Cast: Rooney Mara, Joaquin Phoenix, Civetel Egiofor.

A screen version of the biblical story about a woman who left her former life to become a follower of Jesus of Nazareth. According to the Gospel text, Mary Magdalene was a witness to the crucifixion of Christ and was the first to see his resurrection. In general, the date for the premiere eventually found the right one (although originally the film was planned to be released in the autumn of last year).

Incarnate the image of Mary Magdalene entrusted Rooney Mare, which you can remember by roles in the pictures “Social Network”, “Girl with a Dragon Tattoo” or “Lion”. Directed by the adaptation of the biblical story, by the way, the author of last year’s “Lion” – a tape about a lost Indian boy, who grew up and decided to find his family.

“Mary Magdalene” has already gone abroad. There things go wrong with the film. Critics scolded the work, viewers at the premiere are reluctant. Let’s see if something will happen in the domestic box office.

“The thirst for death” (since April 5)

Director: Eli Roth.

Cast: Bruce Willis, Vincent D’Onofrio.

Those who are not attracted by horror films, Russian comics and biblical stories, it is worth paying attention to this classic militant. In the ranks – the old guard, which, as you know, does not spoil the furrow. The plot is standard, but in this case it is rather a plus.

Paul is a good guy, but he could not save his wife and daughter from criminals. One died, the other in the hospital. There is nothing to do but take justice in your own hands. Now the hero walks around the city, punishes bad guys, reducing the level of crime, and at the same time looking for scoundrels who dared to touch his family.

Cool, right? The bad news is that “Craving for Death” film critics also managed to mix with dung. But, judging by the reviews, they did not like the film, not so much, as the high level of violence and total non-political correctness. Maybe it really happened in the good old days?

“Quiet place” (since April 12)

Director: John Krasinski.

Cast: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Milli Simmonds.

Horror number three. But, unlike the “Winchester” and “Viya”, this time, it seems, brought something worthwhile. The story is mesmerizing, the setting is not jaded, the trailer is steep, the reviews are admired. What else is needed for good movies?

Lonely people in the world where unknown monsters settled settled. Monsters are extremely sensitive to sounds and are ready to devour you for any sneeze. The only way to survive is to exist silently. No words, no laughter, no shouting! A family with young children follows these simple rules. But how to be further, because his wife is about to give birth?

The film “Quiet Place” has collected a ton of enthusiastic reviews and beckons 80 points out of 100 on Metacritic. For horror stories it’s a lot! Especially praised by Emily Blunt (“The Assassin”, “The Face of the Future”) and John Krasinski, who spoke in two roles – an actor and a director.

“Rampage” (since April 12)

Director: Brad Peyton.

Cast: Duane Johnson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Will Yun Lee.

Oh, what’s Hollywood so haunted by gigantism? Every month, we are shown the huge transformers, the skyscraper godzillas, the immense kaizu, which destroy the planet. Here’s to you a new variation on the theme of King Kong.

To somehow justify the existence of the picture, its creators claim that as the basis took the old cultic arcade Rampage. There’s a trio of mutants smashing the city, which was very hilarious in the late 1980s. Today, all this was seasoned with some kind of history with genetic experiments, “good” and “bad” mutants, as well as scientists in the form of Duane Johnson (ha-ha!).

Suppose that we are waiting for a typical spring and summer blockbuster – spectacular, meaningless, with large fees and negative reviews.

“Lair of the monster” (from April 12)

Director: Dean Devlin.

Cast: Robert Sheen, David Tennant, Kerry Condon.

Horrors – it’s not just about ghosts and monsters, it’s often about people. “Lair of a monster” is just such an alloy of horror stories and thriller, where there are no otherworldly creatures, but this is no less terrible.

Two guys work as a parking man in an expensive restaurant. In fact, this is just a cover, because here they are only looking for people who can easily be robbed. Once climbed into the house of one of the rich, the main character finds a tortured prisoner there. Release it – not the best idea, because you have to deal with the owner of the house.

From the “Log” a lot is not expected. In the end, Dean Devlin sat in the director’s chair, who shot one of the worst films of the past year – Geostream. But among the actors there are a lot of British stars, who certainly will not bring all the action to teenage thrillers.

“Taxi 5” (since April 19)

Director: Frank Gastambid.

Cast: Frank Gastambid, Malik Bentalha, Salvatore Esposito.

The continuation of the French film franchise comes when everyone has already forgotten about the original. It is rumored that one film will not do, and Luc Besson conceived several “Taxi” sequels with new heroes.

Yes, Sami Naseri and Frederic Difenthal in the fifth part of the franchise, we will not see. Their place was taken by Frank Gastambid (who also directed the film) and Malik Bentalha. A policeman from Paris himself and the worst driver in Marseilles should stop the Italian bandits on the Ferrari. This is all you need to know about the plot.

Promise that “Taxi 5” will be as colorful, driving and funny as the many parts of the franchise that have grown fond of many. While it is hard to believe, but the chance to give is worth it.

“Truth or action?” (Since April 26)

Director: Jeff Wadlow.

Cast: Lucy Hale, Tyler Pose, Violet Bet.

We promised horror films for every taste. This – just for the young and impressionable. There is a team of teenagers, strange rules of the game, murder and a memorable “chip” like distorted faces with hypertrophied smiles.

The plot of the tape is built around the game “Truth or Action”. That’s just punishment for breaking the rules is very cruel. You can not abandon the game, you can not lie when you need to tell the truth, and you have to act – otherwise you will die. Actually, for the sake of this picture and shot.

This is not Jeff Wadlow’s first attempt to try himself in the horror genre. Thirteen years ago, he made the film “A lone wolf” about teenagers and a maniac in an orange mask and with a big knife. The movie turned out so-so, but with a small budget paid off well. Then there was the nightmarish “Pipets 2”, and now – the next work.

“Breathe in the dark” (from April 26)

Directed by: Daniel Robi.

Cast: Romain Duris, Olga Kurylenko, Michelle Robin.

And finally, a bit of a horrific apocalypse, seasoned with “Stevenkings”. Remember the “Mile”? Judging by the trailer, in “Breathe in the darkness” we are waiting for something similar, but it seems more ambitious.

Paris. After the earthquake, the earth is enveloped by a fog that kills all living things. You can survive only on the roofs of houses, where the gloom did not reach. In the center of the story is a married couple who found themselves on the roof without food, water and hopes of help. But in fact, somewhere below, in a box isolated from the outside world, they are waiting for a sick teenage daughter.

The film, as is clear from the scene, is French. This is unusual, given the monopoly of Hollywood on such topics. And yet there is Olga Kurylenko, who has been successfully shooting abroad for a long time.

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