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Resonance: Shooting at the YouTube office

“Shooting” led to the continuation of the dispute about the free carrying of weapons in the US and mass discussions of the clips of the shooting female blogger.

Nasim Agdam

On April 3, shooting took place at the YouTube main office in California : Nasim Agdam, an American of Iranian origin, opened fire in the campus, wounded several people and committed suicide. One of the versions of what happened: Agdam was angry with the company for “censoring” her videos and turning off monetization.

Shooting at the headquarters of YouTube has become one of the main news in social networks. Some employees of the service and nearby offices wrote to Twitter about the attack.

“Shots at the YouTube office in San Bruno. My office is blocked across the road. “

“The active shooter on YouTube. Becky and I are safe “

Vadim Lavrusik


Active shooter at YouTube HQ. Heard shots and saw people running while at my desk. Now barricaded inside a room with coworkers.

“Shooter at YouTube headquarters. I heard gunshots and saw people running. Barricaded inside the cabinet with colleagues “

“We sat at a meeting and heard running people from behind the wobbly floor. At first I thought it was an earthquake “

In the United States, users of social networks expressed condolences, and also noted – for three months in the country there were almost 60 “shootings”.

Francis Maxwell


That makes the YouTube HQ shooting the 58th mass shooting of 2018 in America.

It’s the 93rd day of 2018. Jesus.

“Shooting in the YouTube office was the 58th” shootout “of 2018 in America. And only on the 93rd day of 2018. Jesus”

Delaney Tarr


And Again.
And Again.
Our hearts are with you Youtube.

Stand strong, while we stand up for change.

Enough is enough.

“Again. And again. And again. Our hearts are from YouTube. Be strong while we struggle for change. That’s enough! “

nilay patel


It would be nice if America could go more than a day or two without being rocked by mass gun murders.

“It would be nice if America could live more than a day or two without massacres”

Lauren Elizabeth


Can’t believe there was a shooting now at @YouTube HQ. When will this end? It just keeps hitting closer and closer to home. My heart is with my community.

“I can not believe that there was a” joke “in the YouTube office. When will it end? It’s getting closer and closer to home. My heart with my community “

Colleen Ballinger


My heart is heavy knowing that every morning I wake up and just expect to hear about another shooting in our country. This shouldn’t be normal. We need change.

“It’s hard to realize who I wake up every morning and expect to hear about another” joke “in our country. This should not be normal. “

Around the incident in the YouTube office, disputes continued over the need for restrictions on the purchase of firearms in the country.

Thomas Sanders


I’m hoping for a hasty recovery, both in body and mind, to all affected by the shooting at YouTube HQ today and hoping for gun control soon so events like today are far less likely to keep happening.

“I hope for a quick recovery of the body and mind of those who suffered from the” joke “. I hope that soon the law on wearing weapons will be adopted, which will make it happen much less often “

Jaclyn Corin


The YouTube HQ shooting is proof that this is NOT just schools. Our country has a GUN problem. End of story.

“Shooting in the YouTube office is proof that it’s not just about schools [where mass shootings are taking place].” Our country has problems with weapons. End of history »



Thinking of my friends at @YouTube. No one should have to worry about the threat of gun violence at home, school or work!

“I think about friends on YouTube. No one should worry about the threat of suffering from weapons at home, at school or at work! # Enough »

Teddy Kartzman@theRealTK

I work at , in San Bruno. Your thoughts and prayers are not needed. Do something about the proliferation of guns. And don’t suggest arming software engineers.

“[In response to Trump’s condolences] I work for YouTube, in the same office in San Bruno. Do something with the spread of weapons. And do not offer to arm programmers “

With the words of support were made and popular YouTube-bloggers.



Another shooting in America. I think we’re all just fed up of this by now. And the woman shot at YouTube employees because her videos kept getting demonetised. Just let that sink in for a bit…My thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by this. So frustrating…

“Another” joking “in the US. I think that everyone is already tired of it. The woman shot at YouTube employees, because her videos lost monetization. Just think about it. My thoughts are with all those who suffered. Such a disorder »

Ethan Klein


Fuck, I am heartbroken about the shooting at YouTube HQ — The people that work there are warm loving caring people who are just doing their jobs the best they know how, I’m just in disbelief and hope everyone is okay. Love you @TeamYouTube

“Damn, I’m heartbroken because of the” shooter “in the YouTube office. People who work there – loving and caring, they just did their job. I do not believe and I hope that everything is in order. Love you, YouTube Team »

Catherine Paiz


My heart just dropped after hearing about the shooting at YouTube HQ… praying for everyone involved and their safety. It’s not fair that we can’t feel safe anywhere anymore…. 🙁

“My heart froze after the news about shooting at the YouTube office. I pray for everyone, for their safety. It’s unfair that we can not feel safe anywhere. “

Logan Paul


To my online family… I will not be posting a vlog in light of today’s shooting at @YouTube. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones.

I’m also tired of typing and reading that exact sentence^


“To my online family … I will not publish a tax due to today’s shooting on YouTube. My thoughts and pleas with the victims and their loved ones. Also, I’m tired of writing and reading the same sentence: changes are needed “

Jake Paul


Unbelievably upset & sick..

YouTube HQ.. my thoughts & prayers go out to the amazing team there.. I hope you all stay safe. No one should have to go through something so horrific.

I have been inside that exact building & it’s scary to even say that..

We need change…now!

“Incredible grief. YouTube headquarters … My thoughts and prayers with your amazing team. Hope you are OK. No one should go through such horror. I was inside the office and it’s scary to even talk about it … We need changes, now! “

Twitter immediately attracted attention to the strange clips of Agdam, where she  about vegans, mockery of animals, and also danced and showed exercises against the background of the chromakey.

Mark Dice


Gee, I wonder why YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam’s videos weren’t going viral like she had hoped.

“I’m surprised that the video shooter did not get the popularity that she wanted”

On the person arrow point and in the Russian-speaking segment of Twitter. Some bloggers wrote that the shooter is a transgender, but this is an unchecked version of the 4chan image.

Новости. Как есть@nourlnews

Насим Агдам и ее контент на YouTube. Ворвавшись в здание, она серьёзно ранила 3 человек и покончила с собой.

Mx Zrcky@shaikhulud

Устроившая шутинг в YouTube:
– Иммигрант из Ирана
– Веган и борцун за права зверей
– Трансгендер
– Мстила за демонитзацию роликов

О дивный 2018-й

Артём Дерягин


Видеоблогерша Насим Агдам, которая напала на штаб-квартиру YouTube, ранила трёх человек и застрелилась, больше года жаловалась, что у её видеороликов специально занижают просмотры.
Вот! А вы спрашиваете, зачем в Твиттере на вас подписывается большое количество ботов!

Bob Farber@Bobchensk

Тетка в США жаловалась, что YouTube занижает просмотры ее канала, поэтому пришла в офис YouTube, ранила трех человек и застрелилась.
Хорошо, что у наших видеоблогеров нет возможности пойти в офис YouTube, поэтому им остается только застрелиться.



Сайт у женщины напавшей на YT HQ максимально аховый. Там и цитаты Гитлера, и обвинения всех во всем.
Она там, ко всему прочему, еще и боевая веганка.
Ужасная трагедия, но интересный случай. Человек двинулся на соц. сетях. Типа мне скручивают просмотры, а они вон покупают лайки.

In Russia, too, began to discuss the free carrying of firearms.

Энди Картрайт@The_Cartwright

Какая-то блогерша устроила стрельбу в здании YouTube. Недавно природа уже нашла способ очиститься и подкинула людям вид гусениц, которые могут переваривать пластиковые пакеты. Такие вот сумасшедшие с оружием могут быть частью этого же её плана. И вряд ли их станет меньше

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