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In the first trailer of the movie “Upgrade” showed an aggressive technophobe

In the network appeared the first trailer of the fantastic action movie “Upgrade” (a Russian-speaking audience it is presented as “Stem”). The picture tells about the near future and the man who is the ardent opponent of all technological gadgets. However, the situation changes when his wife dies and a hero named Gray Trace receives an implant called Stem.

With the help of an electronic device, he, who has lost the opportunity to move independently because of an injury, rises to his feet again. A little later, Trace learns that Stem is able to take full control of the human body, which opens up additional opportunities for him. In addition, the embedded chip is not limited to.

The film “Upgrade” is released in early June 2018. The director of the picture is Lee Wonnell, who worked on the script “Saw 2”. Before that, his only directorial work was the horror film “Astral 3”.

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