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Former Vice-President of VKontakte Ilya Perekopsky became vice-president of Telegram

Ilya Perekopsky. Photos from the page in “VKontakte”

Former Deputy General Director and CFO of VKontakte Ilya Perekopsky became Vice President of Telegram. In a conversation with , he confirmed that he would take the second leading position in the company.

According to Perekopsky, he will be engaged in the development of Telegram’s business. Until recently, the messenger had no business: he started earning only after the ICO of his blockbuster platform.

Perekopsky left VKontakte in January 2014, and in February he became an advisor to the UCP foundation, which owned a large share in the social network. Representatives of the Fund offered him to take the post of “VKontakte” Pavel Durov, instead of the general director (he went into retirement in April of the same year).

In the spring of 2014, UCP and Durov exchanged lawsuits, and in the autumn Perekopsky accused Durov of having “actually disorganized” the VKontakte owner company. According to the vice-president of the social network, Durov “took 15 best programmers-olimpiadnikov to Telegram.”

And Durov himself, under the pressure of shareholders, cowardly betrays his friends, naively believing that he will be able to shift responsibility for me to the billionaires of his brothers, the brother of his civil wife and his other relatives.

Ilya Perekopsky
former vice-president of VKontakte

Subsequently, the founder of VKontakte laughed at Perekopsky’s words and denied them. Durov added that “Ilya is now difficult”, and wished him “all the best.” He also accused the UCP Foundation of trying to “take advantage of the difficult situation of his colleague.”

Apparently, the UCP caught [Ilya and his brother Igor] Perekopsky on opaque schemes and, intimidating the courts, decided to use in their dirty game for control of the company. Of course, promising the golden mountains and the post of general director. A logical move for the bandits who came from oil in IT.

Pavel Durov
founder of VKontakte

After leaving VKontakte, Perekopsky founded an aggregator for the non-bank lending market of the Blackmoon Financial Group, which in 2016 entered the US lending market. In 2017, this company launched its own blockbuster platform and collected $ 30 million in ICO’s in a crypto currency received from 9,500 accounts.

According to data released by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, during the ICO Telegram attracted investments of 1.7 billion dollars from 175 accounts. Specific names in these documents are not called.

About multi-million dollar investments in Telegram earlier said the founder of Qiwi Sergei Solonin and the co-founder of the company “Wimm-Bill-Dann” David Yakobashvili. According to Vedomosti, Roman Abramovich also invested in Telegram, but his representatives deny it.

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