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At the shooting at the headquarters of YouTube, suffered at least four people

Police near the headquarters of YouTube. Holiday pictures AP

At the shooting in the head office YouTube in California, suffered at least four people, police said San Bruno at the first briefing after the incident. Those who were injured were taken to the hospital.

CNN , NBC and some other US media reported that a woman suspected of shooting was found dead. The police confirmed this information and clarified that, most likely, she shot herself.

The police are sure that the woman was the only attacker. As noted by theLos Angeles Times, the authorities do not consider the version of the terrorist act and believe that the reason was violence at home or in the workplace.

The place of the accident from the height. Photos of Google Earth, LA Times

Google reported that it advised all employees to avoid the scene and do everything possible to help them.

Google Communications


We advised all other employees in the Bay Area, and people with meetings scheduled, to stay away from the area, and that there is no need to take any action. We have provided employees a helpline.

Shooting at the main YouTube campus occurred on April 3 in the middle of a working day. Some of the staff barricaded in the premises, some were able to leave the campus, and a full evacuation was later carried out. US President Donald Trump was informed about the incident.

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