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A Canadian weighing 257 kilograms did not fit in the seat of the plane. Psihanul and lost 147 kilograms

Tony Bussy of Fort McMurray, Canada, weighed 567 pounds. In kilograms this figure is solid 257. It was obviously hard for him to live: according to the memoirs, it was difficult to even wear socks. And in one day the man decided to change his life abruptly – so that he is now practically not recognized. The story of the transformation is the BoredPanda resource.

In a major forest fire in May 2016, the authorities evacuated the population of Fort McMurray, and Tony simply could not fit in the seat of the aircraft.

The problem was solved: the crew seated the man on a double seat.

The incident strongly affected the obese Bassi:

 – I kept thinking: “Someone’s wife, husband, family member is waiting for her mother, father or relatives longer only because I’m too fat to have someone sit next to me.”

After rescuing from the fire, the man began to work on himself: he already switched to vegetables instead of French fries. He started with short walks and exercises, gradually increasing the load. This brought impressive results: Bassi lost 147 kg (326 pounds), and without surgery – only training and low-calorie diet.

Now Tony has a new goal – to run a marathon.

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