The fan of the gun checked the Benz S Class for bulletproof

A popular American video blogger Edwin Sarkisian, who specializes in testing the capabilities of various types of weapons and ammunition, published a new video on the eve. In it, he checked for durability restyling Mercedes Benz S Class in the body of the W220, shooting it from weapons of different calibers.

Looking ahead, let’s say: the good old Mercedes will not be able to withstand lead. Therefore, do not believe the movies in which the automatic turn leaves a light raid on the PCs of the cars, and a shot from the gun allows you to cut a spark out of the paint.

Earlier, Edwin also checked the strength of the door to the cabin of the pilots of the aircraft. True, he led the fire “from within”, which could affect the results.

I also got hard drives.

Well, the guys from The Slow Mo Guys showed on a slow-motion shooting a frontal collision of cars with watermelons in the cabin.

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