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The creator of the antivirus McAfee takes $ 105,000 for a tweet about crypto-currencies

The creator of the McAfee anti-virus, John McAfee, described how much he earns on advertising tweets about crypto-currencies: each message costs the customer $ 105,000. It ‘s about promoting the Crypto-Currency and ICO. As the businessman notes, given the number of its subscribers on Twitter, the cost of one “investor” will be about 13 cents.

On the site, which is devoted to the new direction of John McAfee’s activities – the promotion of virtual money, it is reported that the tweets of Makafi are the most influential in the field of crypto-currency.

In January, the Motherboard resource conducted an analysis of the effectiveness of McAfee’s tweaks and concluded that interest in Burstcoin’s crypto currency, for example, increased by 350%. Journalists did not rule out that Makafi uses a scheme of pampas and dumps to enrich himself on crypto-currencies.

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