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Six months later, the developers of Shadow Of War realized that microtransactions harm the game

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War came out at the end of last year and provoked a scandal around lootbox and in-game purchases. Developers denied, assured that the legendary orcs from lutboks did not affect the gameplay in any way. However, after six months came to their senses and came to the conclusion that micropayments contradict the ideas of the Nemesis system.

“The basic idea of ​​the Nemesis system is to build relationships with your personal allies and enemies in a dynamically changing open world. Buying orcs in the store provides additional options for the player, but undermines the heart of our game – the Nemesis system, “the developers wrote. In their opinion, buying orcs destroys immersion in the game and takes away the task of building their own army.

Developers will take away the opportunity to buy gold and chests for real money, from which all sorts of legendary orcs dropped out. Players will have time to utilize all their gold until July 17th.

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