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Reddit redesigned for the first time in 10 years

Updated Reddit logo. Reddit photo
Updated Reddit logo. Reddit photo

The Reddit site redesigned and on April 3 started translating users to it. Sotsset for the first time in the last 10 years has changed the interface of its site and updated the logo. This is reported in the announcement of Reddit’s redesign team.

In order not to interfere with the overloaded servers, developers will gradually open access to the new version. April 3, the site will be updated only 1% of users, while users at any time can abandon the redesign and return to the old version. It is not planned to be turned off or closed.

New version of Reddit. Reddit photo

In the new version of Reddit, the navigation bar has been replaced with the modern menu in the left corner, which contains feeds, sabreddits and user profiles. After the update, the site can be viewed in three modes: “classic”, which is more like the former Reddit, “card”, which is similar to Facebook or “compact”, in which all the blocks are very tight.

To make some things more intuitive for new users, links to external resources and to publications inside Reddita will differ in different font. On the main page posted a large blue button, which invites new users to write something. Publications will open inside one tab, so that each new link does not force you to leave the main page.

Together with the interface, Reddit designers rethought the Sleep mascot, which symbolizes the resource. He has become voluminous and now travels in space between planets.

The CEO of Reddit, Steve Huffman (Steve Huffman) talked about the need for redesign in 2017, when the changes were already in the work for about a year. According to him, users often tell friends about what a cool Reddit, but when their friends decide to go to the site for the first time they are met by a repulsive design.

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